• Posted On January 17, 2019
  • BYJegan

Git & GitHub command reference

Installing git in Ubuntu [crayon-5c6a96415f02d691768412/] Configure git [crayon-5c6a96415f03a907745248/] Checking the git configurations  [crayon-5c6a96415f03f141113715/] Create an empty git repository locally [crayon-5c6a96415f045391933537/] Staging fil...

  • Posted On December 18, 2018
  • BYJegan

Commonly used Ansible commands

To install Ansible in Ubuntu [crayon-5c6a964161bea475676474/] To install Ansible in CentOS [crayon-5c6a964161bf3437479246/] Ansible ad-hoc command to ping all remote servers [crayon-5c6a964161bf9734607832/] Ansible ad-hoc command to invoke setup ansible m...