We focus on niche technical areas and we are the best at what we do.

To name a few, we are specialized in Clean Code Practices, Extreme Programming Practices, Test Driven Development (TDD), Behavior Driven Development (BDD), Acceptance Test Driven Development (ATDD), Jenkins, HUDSON, Continuous Integration/Deployment, Build Tools like Apache Maven, Gradle, Qt, QML, QtQuick, C, C++, STL, POSIX Pthreads, IPCs, Systems Programming, C#, Java, Python, Embedded Programming, Linux Programming, etc.,

Our trainers are Software Consultants with over 15 years hands-on Software Industry experience, hence your employees will also learn the best practices directly from the industry veterans.


While our trainings helps organizations in training their employees in learning new technical and process skills, applying what they learned in the trainings requires lot of practice and experience.

We have helped many organizations during the transition period by coaching and mentoring their employees on a daily basis, closely working with the employees on a 1-on-1 basis until they become an expert.

Your organization too can quickly adapt to new technologies and processes by hiring our veteran Software Consultants as External Freelance Consultants.


We help MNCs adapt to Agile methodologies. Our SCRUM Certified Professionals have helped many organizations around the globe to successfully switch to SCRUM.

We can help your organization to successfully adapt to SCRUM both technically and process wise. We can coach SCRUM Masters, Product Owners and Developers. Our unique strength is that we can train SCRUM end-to-end starting from developers to SCRUM Masters, all the way upto Product Owners.

We can guide your employees on SCRUM Certifications as well.


We deliver world-class trainings that's easy to comprehend and quick to learn. That's the beauty of being taught by the best.

Our course authors are Software Consultants who have worked over a decade for many software product giants globally.

Be assured that the training participants will carry a memorable learning experience, leading to the development of competencies that they can put to use while solving real work problems.

Our Software Consultants will not just teach the required skills, will also teach the best practices around the topic, hence stay assured your employees will learn all the essentials to bring them upto speed.


Below are some of our Services, please feel free to reach us for any business enquires to


We offer customized technical trainings as per your project requirements. All our trainings are technically hands-on, designed carefully by our experienced Software Consultants.


You can hire our Software Consultants on contract basis to coach your teams to quickly come upto speed and get your staffs mentored technically and create go to experts within the team.


We conduct technical software workshops within India and abroad on various cities. MNCs and individuals can attend these trainings and learn directly from the industry leaders who are hands-on techies. Watch out our event calendar for Public Workshops in your cities.


We conduct, participate and sponsor many Technical Conferences in the country and globally. Please feel free to reach us, if you are interested in inviting our Software Consultants as speakers for your Technical Conference.


We can help your Organization to train, coach and mentor your teams with or without SCRUM Certifications. Our SCRUM Coaches are SCRUM Alliance Certified Professionals with practical industry experience.


From time to time, we do conduct Webinars on various technical and SCRUM topics. We understand that not every participant can travel or attend all our workshops in person all the time, webinars comes in handy for such busy professionals. After attending such a Webinar, if you are interested in a deep-dive workshop, you can write us or directly ask details about our upcoming workshops directly from our Software Consultants.


We are proud to introduce our team to you. While we would love to introduce you to our entire team, some of our team members are Freelance Consultants while some are on fulltime role, so for practical reasons we would like to maintain single point of contact, so please feel free to reach us by writing to




Jegan has over 15 years hands-on experience in niche technologies. He is a Polyglot Software Consultant, an active Open-source developer, an International Speaker and a Technical Blogger by nature.

He is currently working on a Test Driven Development book.

He has the following certifications SCJP, SCRUM Certified SCRUM Master, SCRUM Certified Product Owner, SCRUM Certified Developer and SCRUM Certified Professional.

In the past, he worked for AMD, Oracle, Siemens, Samsung, Genisys, National Semiconductor, PSI.




Meenakshi has over 16 years of experience on various industries, working at various levels. She is an interesting speaker. She loves teaching.