Setup a Kubernetes Cluster using Docker-in-Docker !

Kubernetes is the industry buzzword now!!!

Though you could setup Kubernetes in the cloud (AWS, Azure or GCP ), nothing like having your setup locally on your laptop.

Though Kubernetes minikube is good for learning purpose, it would be more fun setting up a light-weight Kubernetes cluster with multiple worker nodes.

This blog will help you setup a K8 cluster with 1 Master and 2 worker nodes.

First, you need to install Docker on your Linux box.

On Ubuntu (Debian)

On CentOS (RedHat)

Now you can set up your Kubernetes(K8s) local cluster.  From your Linux terminal, download the script file as shown below

Once downloaded, provide execute permission to the script downloaded

Start the Kubernetes cluster

Add kubectl to your path

See if you can use kubectl commands as shown below

You may now access your K8 dashboard

Your newly setup Kubernetes cluster is up and running. Enjoy exploring Kubernetes!

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