• Posted OnJuly 25, 2015
  • BYJegan

Write your own Apache Maven Plugin

Developing an Apache Maven Plugin is pretty simple, more easier than you can imagine. However, depending on what functionality you want to support in your plugin, the plugin logic may get complex, but Maven Plugin development requires very less effort. ...

  • Posted OnJuly 25, 2015
  • BYJegan

Perforce Streams – an overview

What is Perforce? Perforce is an enterprise class Version Management or SCM tool. Generally, in SCMs there are broadly two types, Centralized and Distributed SCMs, Perforce is a Centralized SCM, whereas Git is a distributed SCM tool. Perforce Jargons Befo...

  • Posted OnJuly 25, 2015
  • BYJegan

Test Driven Development with JUnit

Test Driven Development a.k.a TDD helps developers incrementally automate their unit-test cases as they develop a piece of logic upfront.  Unlike traditional development practices, in TDD one has to write the test case first before writing code, this enc...

  • Posted OnJuly 29, 2015
  • BYJegan

Today is the Windows 10 Release day !

It’s a big day for Microsoft & Windows 10 Fans Today, 29th July 2015 ! Those who have been trying out the Windows 10 Technical Preview so far, you have many reasons to feel happy about, as Microsoft has released Windows 10 today in 199 countrie...

  • Posted OnAugust 5, 2015
  • BYJegan

TDD – the good, bad and ugly part

What is TDD ? Test-driven development a.k.a TDD.  This is an extreme programming practice, where a developer will follow Test First Development approach.  What this means is, a developer will first write a failing unit test case before writing productio...

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